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Cross-country skiing

Glide through the winter

Cross-country skiing is known to be one of the healthiest sports of all. Because when it comes to endurance training for the whole body, cross-country skiing is the unbeaten number 1 thanks to the rhythmic movements.

And the best thing about it: While you are doing something for your body on holiday in Flachau, you are also exploring the wonderful winter landscape of the area. Forests covered in deep snow, crystal clear air and the warming rays of the mountain sun – we would say the perfect setting for active relaxation and pure cross-country skiing fun.

Why is cross-country skiing becoming more and more popular in Flachau? Well, that’s easy to explain. After all, the Nordic sport is ideal for switching off in the fresh mountain air. Cross-country skiing is sport in the truest sense of the word. Experience a special kind of nature experience. Thanks to the central location of the Schlosshotel Lacknerhof, you can go straight to cross-country skiing.

Langlaufen in Flachau bei Sonnenschein

Tauern trail

The Tauern trail is one of the best-known and most popular cross-country trails in Salzburg. During your winter holiday at the Schlosshotel Lacknerhof, you can directly access the 220-kilometer cross-country ski run. Whether skating or classic – you will be amazed.

DieThe trail leads you through a dreamy snow landscape. Just repent when you see fit. Numerous opportunities to stop for refreshments can be found directly on the cross-country ski run.

Cross-country ski rental

Nothing stands in the way of your cross-country skiing holiday in Flachau in Salzburger Land! So that you can arrive comfortably and with as little luggage as possible, the Flachau sports shops offer you the top cross-country ski models of the season for sale or hire. Perfectly tailored to your body and ability.

In Flachau, the motto is always: “Only the best is good enough!

Langlaufen in Flachau auf der Tauernloipe
Tauernloipe zum Langlaufen in Flachau

Learn cross-country skiing

Cross-country skiing does not actually require much prior knowledge: you can just stand on your skis and slide off. However, in order to be able to practice the sport properly, you need good cross-country skiing technique and brakes and lane changes are of great importance for safety. As we all know, it is well known that every beginning is difficult. But with a little help, you can get started on the trails in just a few hours.

In the Flachau ski schools, experienced instructors are passionate about passing on the joys of cross-country skiing to you. A few hours of practice are usually enough. You don’t need more in the classic style or in skating to learn the technique and to be able to continue practicing on your own.