Thalasso Spa Suite

Treatments for your beauty

The Thalasso Spa Packages are more than just an insider tip for vitality and beauty. Depending on the particular treatment they have different effects: purging, detox, stimulating the metabolism, tightening, toning and also bear down on fat pads and cellulitis.

Soin Relaxant Dos 60min € 63,--

This treatment was especially created for the back in order to make it look beautiful and cleansed. The refreshing mud pack, which is applied on the cleansed back, locally stimulates the blood circulation and visibly smoothens the skin.

Soin Modelant Buste 60min € 63,--

A “beautiful bosom” is characterised by its tight and toned tissue structure. With this special treatment your cleavage will be lifted to its top shape with smoothing exfoliation, a massage with highly concentrated agent ampoules and with toning care products.

Soin Modelant Corps 90min € 85,--

This body treatment helps your body to fight problematic areas and provides your skin with a beautiful and radiant complexion. The special mask, with its toning compounds, the sea salt exfoliation, the full-body massage with aromatic massage oils and a highly effective ampoule with toning and anti-cellulite effect promise a radiant result!

Soin Silhouette Sculptant 90min € 115,--

This ultimate professional programme against cellulite is characterised by a spectacular toning effect. Three stages of cellulite are differentiated: slight, moderate and advanced. This effective treatment systematically targets each particular stage. Due to the use of agent concentrates, an exfoliation, an algae mask with a highly concentrated serum and the intensive toning body lotion the body contours are harmonised, refined and toned. The toning effect can be retained with continuous after-care at home.

Comfort Spa TRUFFLE – luxury pack 45min € 59,--

Truffle – creates pleasure on the palate and is luxury nurture for the skin. The unbeatable symbiosis of amino acids and minerals in the truffle regulates the skin's moisture and has a toning and nurturing effect.

Comfort Spa CRYSTAL – luxury pack 45min € 59,--

Indulgence care for the body, gem-like high quality with the virtue of ruby. The finely ground ruby dust soothes the skin, balances the lack of moisture, provides new tone and energy and magically creates an even complexion.

Soft skin 45min € 59,--

Body exfoliation with sea salt and jojoba oil, balancing Cleopatra pack for soft and tender skin!

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