Seating arrangement in the seminar rooms at the Palace Hotel Lacknerhof

Your seminar hotel in Salzburg Land

Get more information about the many options in the state-of-the-art seminar rooms at Hotel Lacknerhof. The 6 rooms can be combined if needed. 

Seminar room 1 2 1+2 1+2+3 3 2+3 Seminar room "Stadl" Seminar room "Rittersaal"
Size 60m² 32m² 92m² 115m² 23m² 54m² 132m² 92m²
Dimensions 7,3x8,2 5,6x5,6 12,9x7,1 14x8,2 6,1x3,7 9,3x5,8 13,3x9,9 11,5x8,0
Height 2,6 m 2,6 m 2,6 m 2,6 m 2,6 m 2,6 m 3,0 m 3,0 m
U-shape / block 20 14 34 44 10 24 40 30
Classroom 25 15 40 50 10 25 65 50
Cinema 40 20 80 90 30 36 120 90

Each seminar room can be separated from or combined with another conference room via a foldable, soundproof sliding wall if requested. This way we are able to offer you premises for 5 to 130 people. Three smaller group rooms complement the room offer. The seating arrangements mentioned above are only examples. All rooms and combinations can be booked with the following options: 

  • Outer U-shape
  • Inner and outer U-shape
  • Classroom
  • Cinema
  • Block
  • Circle of chairs 

At the Lacknerhof seminar hotel you will have your seminar in a stylish and appealing ambience. Huge windows provide bright daylight and the air-condition creates fresh air. All seminar rooms come with a wide range of equipment. In the coffee breaks and at lunch and dinner the Lacknerhof Hotel will indulge you with refreshments and regional or international delicacies. 

Get information on prices and package deals as well as on the lovely leisure programme for your seminar in Salzburg Land here. The seminar team is always available for you with help and advice for your individual seminar planning. Send us a no obligation holiday enquiry for your seminar stay at Hotel Lacknerhof to learn more about the necessary room capacities.