Our sauna resort – an experience for your senses

The luxurious sauna area at Lacknerhof

Kneipp or sauna – both facilities strengthen the body's immune system. Explore the Spa Palace during your holiday at Palace Hotel Lacknerhof. A great range of saunas and steam baths as well as the panorama Jacuzzi and the Palace Café await you:

Luxurious spa palace at the Palace Hotel Lacknerhof in Salzburg Land
The spa palace
  • Parlour sauna (with 94°C – the classic Finnish sauna): your blood circulation will be stimulated and the organism gets rid of everyday life's slags via the skin.
  • Sanarium with coloured light – 50°C warmth bath with the four spectral colours red, green, blue and yellow
  • Brine-Soledom – has a soothing effect with mineral salts from the Dead Sea
  • Soft herbal steam bath – with 55°C, press the button and the steam will be enriched with various herbal oils like rosemary, Melissa, hay flowers, camomile. 
The sauna resort at the Palace Hotel Lacknerhof in Salzburg Land
Sauna resort at Lacknerhof
  • Aromatic steam bath – the effluent steam is enriched with various flavours.
  • Brine grotto - the walls are made of pure Himalaya salt-stone. In the warm and salty air your body will get fit for the everyday life.  
  • Infrared cabin - The light creates a deep thermal radiation - helps with joint pain, depressive mood, colds, skin irritations.
  • Vitarium – here you will find heated ceramic loungers with a temperature of 35°C
  • Panorama-Hot-Jacuzzi
  • Palace Café

There are guided saunas with our sauna masters taking place several times a week. 

Relaxing area at the Spa Hotel Lacknerhof in Salzburg Land
Rest and relaxation

Cool-off and relax 

Kneipp pool – ice grotto – waterfall shower

… cold stimuli after the heat and warmth are a perfect training for the blood vessels and nerves in your skin as well as for the internal organs.

Afterwards relax in the spacious relax and recreation areas, in the panorama Jacuzzi or in the Palace Café. 

A hotel with sauna promises exactly the kind of recreation that you are longing for. Send us your no obligation holiday enquiry