Your hotel with the Pugb Burgschlössl

The place to be in Flachau

The place to be for locals and guests in Flachau. Find the Burgschlössl pub at Lacknerhof. Every night there is a another great party taking place at Burgschlössl, and most nights it lasts until the break of dawn. This venue is especially popular after a day of skiing in the winter. 

Parties at the pub Pub Burgschlössl at the Palace Hotel Lacknerhof in Salzburg Land
Party at the Burgschlössl

The Palace Hotel Lacknerhof has designed the Burgschlössl Pub with love for detail for your holiday in Flachau. Knight's armour and shields are hanging on the walls, the furniture is very rustic with wood designs. Great parties are happening in this almost historic atmosphere. There's music for every taste – techno, hip-hop, R'n'B, blues, oldies and much more will be coming from the turntables. 

Short walk home to your holiday room at Lacknerhof

Party all night long – there is always something happening at Burgschlössl. Yeti-Bar is also a great venue for hot flirts and sociable conversations during your holiday in winter. You are spoilt for choice, but why not visit both party locations? The best part: at our hotel with pub you are practically partying next to your room and can go upstairs and cuddle in your bed in no time.

Make a reservation for your party holiday in Austria and send us your no obligation holiday enquiry for your stay at the Lacknerhof Spa Hotel in Flachau.

Companies can book the venue for exclusive events for up to 120 people; with or without DJ.