Massages at the Lacknerhof Spa Hotel in Flachau

Say goodbye to tension

Poor posture, lack of exercise and stress in everyday life can lead to muscle tension. Unfortunately, daily life allows little time to get a professional massage. However during your spa holiday in the province of Salzburg, Austria, you can indulge yourself in this blissfully relaxing treatment.

NEW – Dry Water Massage with well-system 15min € 15,--

The combination of massage and soothing warmth therapy maximises the feel-good experience during which warm jets of water hit the bed's surface in continuous and gentle movements. The effects:

  • the muscles are relaxed
  • the circulation is stimulated
  • the metabolism is activated
  • the veins' and lymph vessels' relaxation is supported and
  • tensions and indurations are eased

Indulge in this extraordinary massage experience and treat your body to something good!

Classic Massage 20min € 29,--

A classic back, neck and shoulder massage to relax muscles and relieve tension.

Special Neck Massage 40min € 49,--

Relaxing massage with warm oil targeting the neck to ease tension or alleviate light headaches.

Sports Massage For Legs 20min € 29,--

Sports massage for the legs - relieves muscle aches and tension.

Classic Relaxation Massage 40min € 49,--

A classic stress-relieving massage treatment that targets the back and legs.

Traditional Full Body Massage 50min € 59,--

A classic full body massage that sublimely eases tensions away, as well as working to improve circulation and stimulate the metabolism.

Spa Luxury Massage 50min € 69,--

Gentle massage with warm aromatic oil – a feast for the senses!

Foot Reflexology25min€ 35,--

  50min€ 61,--

The foot, it is said, is directly connected to our soul. The reflex points of different areas in our body, including the internal organs, are located on the soles of our feet. The benefits of relaxation and rejuvenation will be felt throughout the entire body.

Massage Combo 50min € 61,--

Back massage and foot reflexology combined.

Specialty Massages

NEW OFFER: Winter massages

Luxury Castle Massage 50min € 69, -
Nourishing and regenerating massage for body and soul. Massage with argan oil, shea butter and rose oil.

Apré ski for the legs 20min € 39, -
Sporty massage for tired legs with avocado oil, shea butter and comfrey. Relieves tension and prevents muscle soreness.

Calm Down for adults 50min. € 69, -
Calm Down for Kids 20min. € 25, -
Arrive, relax and enjoy the holiday. Deep relaxation with hemp oil and lavender tincture.

Yetis Alpenglow 50min € 69, -
For the cold moments after skiing. Stimulating massage with warming jojoba, cinnamon and chilli oil.

Deep Impact 35min € 39, -
For heavy limbs and easy support. Regenerating massage makes you fit for the next descent. With arnica, marigold and argan oil.

Energising massage techniques to bring the body, mind and soul into balance!

Shiatsu Massage 75min € 79,--

Japanese "finger pressure" massage – activates the natural self-healing powers and dissolves blockages in the flow of the body’s own energies. Please wear workout clothes to your appointment!

Connective Tissue Massage 20min € 39,--

Deep tissue massage to relieve tension, improve posture and is particularly recommended for chronic diseases such as arthritis.

Tibetan Honey Massage 30min € 39,--

Invigorating, kneading massage with Tibetan honey to eliminate toxins and stimulate the entire body.

Lymph Drainage 30min € 35,-- For Face

  50min € 61,-- For Arms & Legs

Provides optimal detoxification and purification to targeted areas - stimulates the lymphatic system, relaxes muscle tension and promotes the immune system.

Hot Stone Massage (incl. rest period) 50min € 65,--

  30min € 33,--

Smooth, heated lava stones are placed on certain areas of the body according to important energy zones and are used to massage the body. A deeply relaxing massage, detoxification and immune system booster.

Acupuncture Massage 45min € 65,--

Balancing acupuncture and energy meridian massage performed using needles to activate the holistic energy flow.

Cupping Massage 20min € 29,--

The suction effect of the cupping glasses leads to an intensive multiple blood flow.
The blood flow enchances the tussue and stimulates it.

Upon request, all massages can be performed using aromatherapy oil. Surcharge € 3,--

Our beauty team will gladly tell you about the oils.

Pure relaxation - this is how a holiday should feel. If you would like to experience our spa treatments for yourself, then send us your no obligation holiday enquiry. We look forward to your stay at the Lacknerhof Palace Hotel.