Dry Water Massage

With the power of the water

Dry water massage at the Palace Hotel Lacknerhof in Salzburg
Dry water massage

Dry water massages are akin to automatic massage beds: fully dressed you are lying on a dry surface. From underneath this surface is then hit by water streams and this process results in a nice massage for the body. 

NEW – Dry Water Massage with Wellsystem 15min € 15,--

Wellsystem Medical Plus offers individually adjusted full-body or part-body massages with directly targeted power of warm water: the water's warmth in combination with the selected massage pressure gently presses into the body's deep tissue layers. The blood circulation and metabolism are stimulated, the muscles are relaxed and tensions are eased. Collagen light, colour light, scented aroma and sound provide additional and individual recreation. Pure relaxation for body and soul. Fully clothed – no changing or shower needed.

Helps with various afflictions


The combination of massage and soothing warmth therapy maximises the feel-good experience during which warm jets of water hit the bed's surface in continuous and gentle movements.
The effects:


  • the muscles are relaxed
  • the circulation is stimulated
  • the metabolism is activated
  • the veins' and lymph vessels' relaxation is supported and
  • tensions and indurations are eased

Indulge in this extraordinary massage experience and treat your body! Tell us your preferred date with a no obligation holiday enquiry and look forward to recreation on all levels.