Facial treatments at Lacknerhof for your fresh radiance

Maria Galland cosmetic products for your skin

Let our beauticians at Hotel Lacknerhof advise you when it comes to facials and enjoy premium cosmetics by Maria Galland Paris on your skin. 

Classic treatment 60min € 69,--

The competent and experienced beauticians in our beauty area indulge you with a balancing and relaxing facial that will visibly smoothen your skin and provide you with wellbeing! Suitable for all skin types.

Soin Cocon – vitalising and relaxing facial  90min € 86,--

… the exclusive feel-good treatment for all skin types. Our competent beauticians indulge you with a thorough cleansing, special agent ampoules, a relaxing face mask and a soft foam mask, which will nurture your skin with highly concentrated agents and provide it with new energy and tone. Soothing massages accompany the steps during this unique treatment; massages that smoothen your skin and vitalise the tissue.

Soin Thalasso Visage – intensive moisture treatment ca. 80min € 86,--

 ca. 50min € 75,--

Perfect for everyone, who wants to recharge their batteries with pure wellness: Soin Thalasso Viasage, the power cure from the sea. An agent ampoule, that is especially selected to suit your individual skin type, is applied to your cleansed skin and can enfold its full effect under the cooling Masque Thalasso. At the same time the effective algae mask deeply cleanses the skin and guarantees highly concentrated and long lasting moisture supply. Micro algae stimulate the metabolism and repair stressed skin.

Soin Masque Modelant Yeux – eye treatment ca. 25min € 35,--

This vitalising and cooling algae mask has been especially developed for the tender skin around the eyes and is the perfect anti-wrinkle treatment – especially enriched with the effective retinol concentrate. This treatment lets stress and tiredness vanish and swelling as well as dark circles are reduced. This eye mask is the perfect complement to all offered facials.

with a facial ... € 25,--

Masque Modelant - deeply effective facial 90min € 89,--

Masque Modelant is a self-warming mineral mask that infiltrates the skin very intensively and effectively with agents. The result: toned, firm and younger skin.

Soin Mille Lumière – royal treatment for your face 90min € 119,--

… our complete programme for highest demands! This treatment provides your skin with an optimum of radiance and impresses with its immediate anti-ageing effect. It consists of two masks, a relaxing massage and premium products by “Maria Galland Paris” and significantly contributes to the reduction of wrinkles and the skin's regeneration and toning. Our competent and experienced beauticians exclusively use 1000 Creme Mille and 1010 Serum Mille – relaxation on the highest level!

Soin Clarté – cleansing facial ca. 60min € 69,--

This cleansing system care effectively fights the excessive production of sebum and impurities and offers a maximum of anti-ageing care. After a skin cleansing and a lymph stimulating massage the skin is provided with effective agents with the application of a special mask. The finishing treatment balances and smoothens the skin with highly active agents.

Soin Tendresse – for sensitive skin ca. 60min € 69,--

The soothing and regenerating agents strengthen sensitive skin and make it resistant to irritations. It also balances sensitive skin and increases its resistance. These mild products consist of a serum and a mask and are especially made for the needs of sensitive skin.

Soin Infiniblanc – treatment again pigmented skin spots and lines  60min € 75,--

This treatment (two masks) is especially attuned to the needs of mature skin and was developed for the effect of smoothing visible pigment spots in order to make the skin look visibly younger.The special power-brightening-complex is characterised by its long-lasting de-pigmentation effect and a high anti-ageing performance.

Perfect Beauty Facial Treatment 60min € 78,--

Anti-ageing treatment with suction-wave massage and ultrasound

Agent ampoules  1 piece € 6,--

… are pure agent concentrates that are used to provide your skin with incredible moisture. The perfect addition to your facial.

Hand pack € 8,--

As small addition to you facial we recommend this warm foam pack for rough and stressed hands.

Do you want to book an appointment in advance? Call our spa reception desk directly. Telephone +43 (0) 6457-2379 ext. 705. We are looking forward to your no obligation holiday enquiry