On your way by electric car or tesla

Electro mobility at the Palace Hotel Lacknerhof

The eco-friendly era has found its way into the palace hotel. This is why we have installed in the immediate Vicinity of the hotel on of the largest Tesla electricity station in europe with 18 supercharger and in the parking garage two charging stations for electric cars for all our e-mobile guests. 

Two men standing at a charging station at the Spa Hotel LAcknerhof in Salzburg Land
Charging stations at Lacknerhof

For the Tesla community are 18 supercharger day and night to refuel.

On the charging stations our guests can charge their electric cars with 16 ampere (230 volt) and 32 ampere (400 volt) at different outlets.

Payment will be made with your room bill and via a meter. 1kW is EUR 0.20 

Trips by electric car 

Around your holiday accommodation in Flachau there are lots of places and sights worth visiting. The Giant Ice World in Werfen, Liechtenstein Gorge or Salzburg city; once you charged your car at the Palace Hotel Lacknerhof no distance is too far. 

Read more information on electric mobility and electric cars at Schlosshotel Lacknerhof in our blog. E-mobile guests are very welcome at our hotel in Flachau. Send us your no obligation holiday enquiry for the Lacknerhof Spa Hotel in Flachau today.