Body Wraps at Spa Hotel Lacknerhof

Relax with a body treatment on our soft loungers

As soon as you lay down on our soft loungers, your body will already begin to unwind. The body wrap treatments will provide you with a heavenly sense of wellbeing, relax your entire body and have a purifying effect on the skin.

Body treatments at the Spa Hotel Lacknerhof in Salzburg Land
Soft loungers

Mud Pack € 39,--

Soothing for joint pain and osteoarthritis.

Fango Mud Wrap € 39,--

Organic healing mud relaxes and rejuvenates your back, muscles and joints.

Sea Salt Wrap € 39,--

A truly slimming wrap – this treatment is metabolism stimulating and revitalising. Relax in a 24% sea salt concentrated water to relieve and soothe the skin, including skin irritations and conditions such as ezcema and psoriasis.

Cleopatra Wrap € 39,--

Beauty wrap – this royal wellness treatment pampers you with a concentrated dose of vitamins for the skin. You skin will thank you and leave you with a wonderfully smooth, youthful radiance! Particularly effective for sun-damaged skin.

Goat's butter cream pack € 39,--

… has a lipid balancing and harmonising effect. Perfect for psoriasis, sensitive and irritated skin.

Evening Primrose Oil Wrap € 39,--

A soothing, moisturising treatment that is particularly effective for skin irritations.

Aromatic wrap 50 min € 39,--

Intense wrapping technique, which helps the body to quickly burn fat. Water retention and small dents in the skin are reduced; the result is a finer and toned silhouette!

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