Celebrations at the Lacknerhof BBQ cabin

For special family celebrations in Salzburger Land

Sometimes all you want is to celebrate an occasion with a lovely BBQ but what you are missing is a nice garden. Benefit from the Lacknerhof BBQ cabin; it is here where business and family parties for up to 14 people take place. Deliciously barbecued delicacies are waiting for you and your guests. 

The BBQ cabin at the Palace Hotel Lacknerhof in Salzburg Land
BBQ cabin

The perfect ambience for cosy BBQ evenings with family, friends and colleagues. Everyone is sitting comfortably around the round BBQ table and can create their own dinner depending on what they like. The ingredients and drinks are supplied by the hotel. With pleasant background music the group will then celebrate and spend a great night. 

BBQ cabin prices

BBQ cabin in the garden of the Palace Hotel Lacknerhof in Salzburg Land
BBQ cabin in the garden oasis
  • Cabin rent for up to 10 people: €100.00
  • Cabin rent for 11 people or more: €10.00 per person
  • Food is included in the ¾ board, drinks are extra 

Celebrate parties and spend your holidays at Schlosshotel Lacknerhof 

Give yourself the best present of all with an overnight stay in Flachau. After a long party it's not far to your comfortable room and you can also look forward to a fantastic breakfast the morning after. 

Bei Interesse an der Lacknerhof Grillütte können Sie hier Ihre unverbindliche Urlaubsanfrage an das Schlosshotel Lacknerhof stellen.