Ayurveda and Wellness in the Province of Salzburg, Austria

Experience age-old Ayurvedic practices from India

The Ayurveda suite at the Palace Hotel Lacknerhof in Flachau
Ayurveda treatments at Lacknerhof

Ayurveda means "life knowledge." The aim of the Ayurvedic spa treatments is to achieve a healthy, long and prosperous life. Here not only physical but also mental, emotional and spiritual aspects are considered to be important for your health and wellbeing. Experience Ayurvedic wellness with a variety of treatments at our spa.

Abhyanga - Full Body Oil Massage (incl. rest period) 70min € 79,--

Harmonising and purifying full body massage with warm sesame oil. The massage with aromatic oils mixed according to your Ayurvedic Dosha (constitution) regenerates and rejuvenates your skin, simultanously alleviating tension and detoxifying.

Mardana - Sports Massage 60min € 69,--

Full body massage with warm sesame oil. Relaxes and energises the muscles and connective tissues, stimulates the metabolism and blood circulation.

Garshan – Ayurveda Raw Silk Glove Massage 45min € 55,--

Garshan is an invigorating and lymph stimulating full body massage with gloves made of raw silk. Stimulates the metabolism, cleanses, purifies, has a revitalising effect and leaves you with wonderfully soft skin.

Mukabhyanga – Facial, Head & Neck Massage 40min € 49,--

This Ayurvedic treatment provides your face with a very special kind of relaxation. Soothing strokes pamper your neck, head and face. It will leave you with smooth, soft skin and a radiant complexion.

Shiro - Relaxing Head, Neck & Shoulder Massage (incl. rest period) 50min € 69,--

This treatment focuses on stress areas in the head, neck and shoulders to alleviate tensions and to help you to find inner peace and harmony. The stress of everyday life recedes far into the distance.

Shirodhara “Royal Treatment" (incl. rest period) 150min € 155,--

 70min € 79,--

One of the most relaxing and profound treatments in Ayurveda. A gentle body massage and the pouring of warm oil onto the forehead provides you with a feeling of calm and inner peace, particularly soothing the central nervous system. Helps reduce high blood pressure, relieve migraine and head tensions, stress, depression and insomnia. If you have never experienced Ayurvedic treatments, a shorter less intensive version of Shirodhara can be tried out as a "Taster Treatment."

150 min incl. precending Abhyanga

70 min Taster Treatment

Experience a new you with the Ayurvedic spa treatments during your holiday at the Lacknerhof Hotel. To make your reservation or an individualised package, send us a no obligation holiday enquiry.