Adventure holiday on Salzburg Land mountains

Holiday in Flachau in Salzburg Land

The adventure programme in Flachau offers you pure adrenaline. Experienced instructors and sports teachers will take care of your safety. Get information on our offers. 

One of the high rope courses in Salzburg Land
High rope course in Flachau

Go outside the envelope during your summer holiday at the Palace Hotel Lacknerhof – the adventure programme is perfect for extraordinary activities. Professional guides and sports teachers take care of your safety during fun sports and outdoor experiences: 

High ropes course 

Not one but two high ropes courses are located in Flachau. We will provide you with the required shoes and equipment. Afterwards the mountain guides will take you up to dizzy heights. Secured with ropes you will make your way through the course. Your balance, courage and team spirit will be challenged and strengthened. 


An experienced guide leads you through the ravines and over small waterfalls. Safety first with all activities! During the canyoning experiences in Flachau you will be able to see hidden places that you would normally not be able to visit. 


In a rubber raft you will go over wild rivers or even wilder white water passages – it's up to you. 


Beginners will learn the basics of kayaking in still waters, pros can throw themselves into the rushing floods of the alpine brooks.

Adventure holiday in Flachau
Hiking in Flachau

The adventure holiday on Salzburg Land's mountains will be a thrilling and safe experience in the natural environment, all you need is the required gear and experienced guides – all provided by us. 

If you are interested to take part in our adventure programmes during your activity holiday, let us know with your no obligation holiday enquiry for your stay at the Palace Hotel Lacknerhof. Get more information on prices, rooms and package deals at the 4 star Superior Hotel Lacknerhof.